Things to keep in mind before you buy...

First off, know your reason for really wanting to move or buy. Sometimes, reasons are obvious, such as moving for a job opportunity in another city, or wanting to put an offer on a bigger home for a growing family. There are other factors that can be less certain though, such as worries about cash flow. Before listing your house, or looking at purchasing a new one, get in touch with a mortgage professional who can help determine the best avenue for you.

Expectations. Set them. Get your home’s value determined by a professional before listing so you are not setting your expectations too high. This is a crucial step if you are planning on financing a new home.

Try to see your home through the eye of others. Potential buyers are going to be critical. Walk around your home and make a list of major and minor improvements you need to make on your home. Have a Real Estate professional come through as well to point out your homes best and worst features, and which ones are important to enhance, or repair.

After you have determined what needs fixing - do them! Touch-up, or better yet, repaint! Replace worn out items to instantly upgrade your home. Polish items that potential buyers will be looking closely at, such as faucets, windows and lighting fixtures.

Uphold mechanical systems. With some buyers, these are the types of things that can make or break a sale. Fix any plumbing issues, check drains and ductwork, and have the chimney and furnace cleaned and inspected. Also consider energy-efficient systems as this can increase appeal to some buyers.

De-clutter and polish. Leaving rooms open helps buyers to picture their belongings in a space.

Keep a copy of your property survey on hand. In a competitive market, having a land survey can be an advantage when marketing your home. Some buyer’s lenders will even require this before approving a mortgage loan on the property. An existing survey should suffice, depending on when it was completed, and also depending on if there have been any physical changes to the property.

Brush up your curb appeal. In a competitive market, first impressions mean everything. Invest in a few items to create an inviting entrance, like new house numbers, porch lights and accessories. Also, don’t forget to tidy up the landscaping and perhaps put in some fresh flowerbeds.

Lastly, if you’re ever unclear about the process, or have questions – I’m always here to help.

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