Welcome to Saskatoon’s newest neighbourhood, the “Naturally Inviting” Evergreen.

The name Evergreen comes from the neighbourhood design to preserve two rows of 50-year-old Scots Pine trees as an urban forest surrounding the area. Not only for this reason does the name Evergreen suit the area, but multiple parks, open field and nature border the area as well. Among these ‘green’ areas include the Forestry Farm, agricultural research land, and a native prairie remnant and wildlife corridor called Northeast Swale.

The neighbourhood and it’s facilities are modelled to be a sustainable urban village; offering residents multiple housing choices, open spaces and commercial opportunities. Careful consideration has been taken in the layout and street placement, as well as the incorporation of a village square. The result being a greener lifestyle for all residents. Less vehicle dependency is required in the neighbourhood, as well as giving the majority of residences the option to incorporate solar energy into their homes.

The village square will act as a central meeting place for the neighbourhood, complete with shops as well as social and community activities. In addition to the amenities the village square will bring to Evergreen residents, there will be a District Village located on the northeast section which will provide services such as restaurants, grocery stores, gas bars and medical clinics. Along with all of these great features, there will also be a central park available to all residents, which is the proposed site of two elementary schools and a community centre. Parks and trails are no stranger in Evergreen, with an extensive trail system running throughout the neighbourhood.

There will be several ways to access Evergreen by vehicle and on foot, including a pedestrian bridge which will link the east to the west. This “Green Bridge” will be located over McOrmond Drive, providing an open and safe route over traffic.

Have a look into the lifestyle at Saskatoon's newest neighbourhood and see if it is the right fit for you!:

source: http://www.saskatoon.ca/DEPARTMENTS/Community%20Services/Land/ResidentialLots/Pages/Evergreen.aspx

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