How to Attract Buyers to Your Home

To attract buyers to your home always start with a fresh coat of paint on the front door/trim and interior walls.Unclutter your home it's easier to dream when there is less to see.Arrange your furniture to make your home seem more spacious .Tell the truth about material defects that you know about your home to prevent lawsuits 

Appealing to your Buyers 5 senses:SMELL bake cookies or bread in the oven,candles or potporri..TASTE if it is a hot day make some lemonade with baked cookies for your buyers.SIGHT you should have taken care of this before now.HEARING have soft background music playing.TOUCH all wood surfaces should be polished,no dust, have your best pillows, linens and furniture displayed you want your buyers to love and appreciate your home as much as you do.Last of all if you choose not to sell your home on your own you need to find a Realtor in whom you can have confidence. 


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Kent Lewis

Kent Lewis

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