Identifying a Grow Op

A lease or a bought building for the purpose of growing indoor marijuana plant is called a Grow Op. These nurseries or hydroponics operations can be anywhere in urban locations and smaller rural communities, operations could be up to growing a few plants in one room basement or large warehouse with thousandths of plants.

Marijuana grow operations requires massive amounts of hydro and water and can destroy a residence in a matter of months, which can be very costly to homeowners for extensive clean up and repairs to the damage property.

Grow Op signs to look out for

  • unusual strong odour inside and outside of home, (similar to skunk cabbage)
  • signs of electrical tampering (power meter spins at a very high speed )
  • large amounts of steam coming from the vents in the home on cooler nights
  • humming sound of fans or generator
  • condensation or discolouring on the roof
  • condensation can be present on window panes
  • painted circle marks on basement concrete where pots once were
  • pattern of screw holes on the walls
  • modification done to the fire place
  • dark covering over some of the windows
  • visitors come and going at odd hours
  • exterior appearance of home untidy and very little maintenance done

By knowing the signs of marijuana Grow Ops provides us ( home owners, landlords, and property managers with the tools we need to understand the issues surrounding such illegal operations.


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