What A Surprise

On a beautiful sunny day our family was out on a picnic when this cute fury small creature suddenly came out of no where as she/he approached us, it looked like a fox puppy but no it was a cute, smelly,shabby little Pom, it must have been lost or abandon in the woods. The children instantly fell in love with this puppy, we took it home and tried to find the owners, but no one came forth to claim him.Fortunately for us we got to keep this beautiful dog who learned to bond and love us.The children named the puppy Poochie. Poochie because he learned to survive in the woods also learned to communicate with wild life, when around squirrels, rabbits, birds or ducks he suddenly changes his bark and his voice start to change depending on what animal he happens to see, this seems unusual to us and a bit strange, why he does such behaviors will remaind a mystery.

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Kent Lewis

Kent Lewis

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