Making a Move Easy on your Children - Tips for Mom and Dad

Moving to a new home is usually an exciting time for a family but it can come with some anxiety for children.  

How to ease the stress for everyone: 

1.  Get the kids involved from the very beginning.  Tell them the reasons for the move and some of the benefits of the new area or city.  Create a wish list together of the things that the family would like to have in a new house such as a bigger yard, closer to parks, more bedrooms, etc.  

2.  House hunting can be difficult with kids in tow.  It is best to keep the kids with a caregiver until you have narrowed down the list to your favourites.  You can look at pictures online and drive past the possibilities together until you have come to a decision.  

3.  Let your children choose paint colors for their bedrooms (you may want to bring some carefully selected swatches home!).  

4.  Give each child a special box, some markers and stickers.  Ask them to decorate it and pack their most treasured items in it.  They will be responsible for this box on moving day and can unpack it at the new house.

5.  If you are moving to a new city, make sure to have a good-bye party.

6.  Make the children's bedrooms a priority for moving day.  Pack those boxes and furniture last so that it is the first off of the truck.  If possible, arrange the room in a familiar fashion.

7.  If your children are very young, consider having a friend or family member help out with the kids on moving day.  They will be needing lots of attention during that day and that can be very trying on parents who are busy unpacking.

8.  At bedtime, be extra patient.  It may take a few nights of extra stories and cuddles to help your children settle in to their new space.

9.  Take walks and drives around the new neighborhood to familiarize everyone with their new surroundings.

10.  Pack a moving day survival kit with essentials like: drinks and snacks, paper towels, plastic cutlery and plates, change of clothes, toilet paper, hand soap and towel, garbage bags, paper and pen.  Also, keep a file or large envelope with important documents such as the purchase contract for your new home, insurance papers, and ID/passports.

If you are considering a move to, from, or within Saskatoon, get in touch with me.  I can help make this transition an easy one for you and your family.

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