Guest Rooms that no one will ever want to leave

Guest Rooms that no one will ever want to leave

Decorating your guest room can be tricky. After all you don’t want to make it too much to your taste (your guests may not share your love of cat themed accessories and neon walls!) but at the same time you want it to, at least to some extent, reflect the style and theme of your home. So where do you start? Below are 4 key points to consider when creating a beautiful and relaxed space that will be liked by all who visit.

Colour: If you want to make a room feel more inviting, colour is the best place to start. With a guest room you want to use restful hues like soft blues, greens or pale yellows. The whole walls don’t need to be painted these colours, rather you can incorporate them via accessories, from bed linen to artworks. If the room will be used solely as a guest room you could also consider creating a theme unique to the room.

Fabrics and finishes: When it comes to making the room feel cozy, think fabrics like velvet or silk. Soft and warm fabrics will give the room that little bit of luxury and if you want to go the extra mile, consider adding a cashmere throw for the bed or textured wallpaper.

Lighting: Soft ambient lighting is key for creating a welcoming room. Pair that with a floor lamp in the corner and a couple of bedside lamps for the final touch. Also to give your guests the opportunity to sleep in, consider using black out curtains or blinds.

Final touches: Imagine you were staying in your guest room what would you want? Popular extras include a full-length mirror, carefully placed power points, a chair and a dressing table. All these features will assure that your guests feel right at home.


How to create a bedroom that is loved by both him and her:

Styling a bedroom that pleases both you and your partner can be challenge. Yet it is achievable, it’s just about balancing the masculine with the feminine! Below are 3 tips that prove sometimes a little bit of compromise goes a long way.

Mix patterns: It sounds scary but as long as the colour theme is carried through, mixing patterns is nothing to be afraid of. So to all you ladies out there, there’s no need to say goodbye to your plush cushions, instead offset a floral and feminine one with a thick striped masculine one.

Furniture finishes: Tone down high-gloss furniture with matt finishes. A prime example would be a shiny white chest of drawers that could be given a more masculine edge by replacing the handles with a darker more rustic finish.

Lighting: While nothing quite says elegance and glamour like a chandelier, it’s safe to assume not many men would fancy one in the bedroom! But if your heart’s set on it,no problem! An alternative option would be a modern take on the traditional light; think striking chandeliers with dark finishes, modern shapes and hard edges.

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