​Is Real Estate a 12 Months Business Cycle ?

In Real Estate prime time for sellers is not only spring & summer. Even during the time period from Fall till Christmas, there is lot of activity in the market.

Our ever-connected cyber world has turned the real estate market into a 12-month business – there are no dead zones anymore - of course Spring still remains the busiest time of year. Only a few decades ago, potential buyers would have to bundle up, brave the cold and snow night after night going in and out of homes to find what they were looking for. Today’s savvy buyers surf new listings, carefully picking and choosing which homes they actually want to go and see based on the vast amount of information they can preview on the MLS site.

There was a time when the conventional thinking was that once summer rolls around, the start of school closely follows and families get settled back into their routine. Then there is Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years when everyone is too busy to look at homes, and of course then came the January cold snap. This thinking has gone by he wayside, as a lot of home shopping, at least initially, happens online or via apps. Today’s young buyers are settling down later and living longer, they don’t necessarily time a home purchase around school or holiday schedules.

Urban expansion is the result of first-time and millennial buyers as well as baby boomers looking to buy and sell. The fall months are no loner a real estate dead zone, but is there enough activity to make it worth your while to put up the “for Sale” sign? The answer is a resounding “YES”, and here’s why.

There’s less competition, and serious buyers (the only kind you want to deal with) never stop looking, they are looking at homes on their tablets from their couch 24/7 – they don’t stop for the holidays. When the right home appears, they are ready to move. In fact, buyers that buy in the fall and winter may be even more motivated than buyers in the warmer months. They don’t have to deal with the distractions of the holidays etc. – so they can singularly focus on finding a home. Many potential sellers still buy into the old thinking that nothing happens in the housing market from Thanksgiving to Valentines Day, so while they wait for spring, your home is on the market taking advantage of every available buyer. Less inventory on the market means less competition for your home.

We are in the last quarter of 2014 and there are many motivated, qualified and serious buyers in the market searching for a home at a time of low inventory. Doesn’t that sound like a good time to sell?

Khan Waqar

Khan Waqar

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