RDSP – Registered Disability Savings Plan – Do you have a dependent???

Click here to view a PowerPoint Presentation on RDSP – Registered Disability Savings Plans.  

The program is good but is slowly getting tightened up with the taxation treatment and maximum withdrawals.  Ultimately quite beneficial from a grant perspective if your families household income is less than $86,000 a year. One definitely needs to understand all the rules surrounding it.

Thank you, Kevin Hill, B.Mgt | Mortgage Associate for sharing this information with me.
Canada Mortgage Direct - www.KevinHillmortgages.com

If you are interested in doing a webinar and/ learning more about RDSP’s follow this link it is a valuable resource for families that have children with special needs.

PLAN & Plan Institute - Assisting you to secure a good life for your relative with a disability.

www.plan.ca or www.planinstitute.ca 


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