FOLLOW THE FARM - April 2016


April Showers bring May Flowers

Not sure if it's "Global Warming" or "Global Shifting!" Seems our Nov/Dec's are warmer ( remember this past Christmas Day - shirt sleeves!) and our April/Mays seem to be colder and not without snow!

I suppose the delay in warmer outdoor temperatures allows us  the opportunity to stay hidden inside and tackle some of the indoor jobs still to finish. Be it some small repairs like door hinges that need tightened, squeeky doors that need a bit of lubrication, leaky bathroom or kitchen faucets that maybe need a knew gasket, to larger projects like laying a new floor or painting a room or two. We also don't feel so bad staying in when the weather isn't as chipper as we would like and that just may let us tackle the biggy like getting all our ducks in a row for INCOME TAX season. It's always a job most put off to the last minute. To get all the paper work together in order to give to the accountant or if you are capable - getting the forms filled out yourself!

So when the super warm weather arrives we will all be caught up and able to go forth & enjoy the sunshine.  Even if the work load increases with lawn, garden, pool, cottage and outdoor home repair it is still a joy to feel that glorious heat after the long days of winter.











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