STRAWBERRIES          AND               HAY



                        IT  MUST  BE  "JUNE"

One of our favourite times of the year is mid June. If the weather co-operates and the rains are warm and not too heavy we can all enjoy the amazing gift of sweet strawberries. Berries fresh off the plant still warm to the touch from the morning sun is a treat that can't be beat. Eat what you can fresh, freeze the rest to enjoy in the winter and or make some mouth watering jam!

The other June country pleasure (and hard work) involves "making hay while the sun shines." In days past we use to put in up to 15,000 small square bales for our dairy herd to get through winter along with three silos filled with haylage, corn silage and high moisture corn. When it became harder and harder to find folks to help unload small bales most farmers went to large round bales and then big square bales. Both easily handled with a tractor or skid steer. Here at the farm we have finished cutting, raking and baling first crop and will do it all again in July with a second crop - if the rains are kind to us. These days with quite a few less critters around we don't put in as many bales but it is still a time honoured summer ritual.

If you don't live on a farm and hay yourselves or grow your own strawberries take a country drive this weekend and stop by a roadside vegetable stand and pick up some Ontario grown strawberries then maybe find a quiet back road and pull over to munch them and watch a local farmer cutting, raking or baling hay!

Wishing all Dad's and Father figures a Very Happy Father's Day!

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