FOLLOW THE FARM ( May 2014 )



 While out showing rural properties the other day we happened across a pile of stones near a barn.  Blending right in to the stones was a Killdeer bird sitting protectively on her nest. As we were too close she raised herself up and fluttered her wings just enough to get our attention to  BACK OFF !

As my camera caring wife was with us she snapped the picture below.  If you look very carefully just under the front feathers you will see the spotted eggs tucked underneath.  A telephoto lens was used so we did keep our distance as not to disturb her.                                                                  



         When we got back in the car we got  thinking of all the things one should do respectfully when showing a property to, or for a client.  If it's a rural / farm acreage which raises livestock you should always have instruction from your seller or the listing agent as to the protocol of viewing the areas where animals reside, for your own safety and that of the animals. You should ALWAYS REMEMBER that if you OPENED a gate that you better SHUT a gate when your done, lest the livestock escapes when you are there or after you have left. If the owners of the property do not wish you to be in a certain area were the animals are than be respectful of that. It could be a birthing area,  a bull, ram, boar etc ....  that could be dangerous.

Also watch all the terrain for wildlife in any capacity and respect it's right to be there ( like the Killdeer ).

If it's the family dog(s) or cat(s)  and the homeowners leave notes or tell their realtor to tell others viewing the property about the safety of this member of their family, be respective of those instructions.

This goes for so much more than just the animal aspect. It trickles down to shoe removal at the door, lights off when you leave and locking up if it's requested. Leave things as you found them. Respect others property.                                                                                                                                                                                           









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