9 Tips For Selling Your Home This Spring

If you are considering selling your home this spring, it's time to get your outisde ready.  Use these 9 tips to prepare your home for the spring market:

1.  It's time to put things where they belong, and that doesn't necessarily mean on your front porch.  You may need to remove items and make a trip to a non-profit organization.

2.  Get out the trimmer and cut overgrown vegetation, especially near windows and paths.  Now you can dust off the rake and get the dead leaves, debris, and newly trimmed clippings off the lawn.

3.  As well as making your yard appear larger, mowing your lawn diagonally shows potential buyers that you put extra time into details.  They will assume you have done the same on the inside.  It's a good idea to edge near sidewalks as it shows clean lines.

4.  Show some colour!  It's been a long, brutal winter and nothing looks nicer than transplanted flowers or decorative containers with bright, complimentary colors.

5.  Now that the outside it ready, cleaning your windows inside and out a paramount to selling a home.  Sparkle doesn't cost much!

6.  Before you open your windows, be sure the blinds and window coverings are clean and freshen up the curtains and drapes.

7.  There's nothing better than walking into a home that smells like spring.  Fill tall, skinny vases with  fresh cut, fragrant flowers.

8.  Now is the time to get out the steam cleaner for your carpets and bleach or scrub down the grout around tiles.  Don't forget to make those floor shine, too.

9.  Some of the least expensive things you can do to your home will have the greatest impact.  Touch up paint goes along way and lose the dark towels and bed linens.  Go for spring inspired colours.


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