Boiler Heat Advantages

I recently showed a home with a 40 year old boiler wrapped in asbestos. Naturally it was a concern to the buyers, so we booked an inspection.Here is what we learned…

Boilers provide hydronic radiant heat by heating water that is circulated through copper or PEX tubing.

Boilers provide more comfortable heat than furnaces because the heat is even .Floor heat allows everything in the room to be warm, including your toes.Even if a home is heated with baseboard heaters, the heat is more comfortable than forced air.

They’re silent. If you hear gurgling or bubbling in the pipes, it’s usually a matter of air in the lines. Easy fix!

Boilers are clean and have zone control.Because boilers don’t blow air all over the house, you’ll have less allergens in the air, you’ll never need to hire someone to clean your ducts.

If the power goes out or there`s a Zombie apocalypse, you will still have heat.

Some of these boilers will outlive us.

Of course have a professional inspect your system, don`t just take my word for it. Remember, as a home owner maintain your investment on a regular basis.

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