Fall Maintenance Tips- CLEAN YOUR GUTTERS!

Spending a few hours twice a year keeping your gutters free of debris can help weatherproof your home and prevent costly damage like cracked foundations, puddles in the basement or rotting wood.


Clear out gutter debris like leaves and branches.  If built up, water can`t pass threw downspouts and will end up collecting under your shingles. This will cause ice damning and wood rot. Gutters themselves become heavy and can pull away from the house. Save yourself some money, here`s what you`ll need; a ladder, gloves, a container to gather the debris such as a bag or bucket, a garden trowel or small hand rake, and the hose.

Do some research and choose the product that's best for you. Here are some examples below;

  • Mesh gutter guards- these metal sheets (filled with tiny holes) attach to the roof shingles and cover the gutter.
  • Reverse curve gutter guards – these position the water downward while directing the leaves to fall to the ground.
  • Bottle brush gutter guards – these are made of bristles that face upright inside the gutter. The debris rests on top while the water flows away.
  • Nylon gutter guards – these work exceptionally well in the winter due to their unique design which prevents snow from building up and freezing.
  • Foam gutter guards – these are actually made of plastic that fits directly into your gutter, helping to block the debris from going into the gutter.

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