Maintaining Your Stone Foundation

I have a listing with a stone foundation and it is scaring off several buyers. Although i have seen worse looking basements, i thought i would find more information to put some of you at ease.

Structural Issues

The only way to confirm the structural soundness of a stone foundation — or any portion of a home — is to bring in an inspection engineer.
  • missing or shifted stones, crumbling mortar cracks that run through multiple stones and areas of  where the foundation is sinking
  • every 100 years or so a stone foundation must be repointed, a process that involves chiseling old mortar away from accessible stone and replacing it with fresh material.
  • repairing old stonework may require jacking up the house,  re-laying the stones,  bolting a wood or steel beam to sound portions of the old masonry or setting it on new steel posts

Water Proofing

  • to waterproof an older stone foundation, curtain drains may be installed.
  • exterior curtain drains are effective, but cost $5,000 to $10,000 or more for a single wall.
  • or install a sump pump. 
  • this fairly simple project costs less than $1,000, though adding a battery backup pump to work during power outages brings the price closer to $1,500.

It is best to consult a home inspector and or structural engineer about your home concerns.

Kim McConnell

Kim McConnell

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