Sales and the Single girl

This blogging stuff doesn`t come easy as i am a visual person. Write about what you know is what i`m always saying to my son...

Here`s what i know, when i got divorced 5 years ago i moved into an apartment after being beat out of numerous multiple offer situations. After 2 months of renting, I knew that this was something not suited for me or my children. I found a fixer upper in the area that i wanted to be in and blindly wrote an offer that day. Who knew my offer would be accepted! I was elated and scared. I bought a house on my own, how easy.... so I thought. There were major miscommunications between the lawer, mortgage broker, realtors and myself.  I hadn`t been pre-qualified so down the road i needed a co signer, they happened to live in the next province so courier signatures needed to be done at the very last minute. The purchase almost didn`t happen. I also wasn`t aware of the dreaded land transfer tax and closing costs involved. I also failed to take into consideration that i didn`t have a lawn mower, rake or shovel. It was fall and winter was right around the corner.

My lack of preparation has lead me to pass on education and information to my buyers, especially those buying on their own. Let my mistakes benefit you! 

I am still fixing up this house that has now become a home to me and my children. I`ve done everything from, electrical, roofing, minor plumbing, tiling and of course painting. Youtube has become my best friend regarding do it yourself projects. Be aware that some things you need professionals for.

Kim McConnell

Kim McConnell

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