Your To Do List Week of August 10

If you find yourself with some extra time this week, here`s a list of things to add to to your To Do List. A little preventative maintenance can save you time and money this fall.

1. Clean or Replace your old furnace filter. If you have the type to vacuum and wash with soap and water like i do, do just that. Otherwise, take a picture of the  filter size and go price them out. Recording the size a head of time will save you a trip, trust me. Check your furnace manual or You tube if you are not sure how to replace. This only takes a couple minutes and could save you a service call down the road.

2. Check your grading against the house. Are there low lying areas that need attention? Are the downspouts clear of debris? Are they bent from running them over with the lawn mower?

3. Walk around the perimeter of your home to check for any cracks. Epoxy sealant is durable and if done right way can prevent water from entering in the basement.

4. Replace old or worn weather stripping around doors and windows. Again, easy to do and energy efficient. Spray caulking into any gaps. Just don`t go crazy or you will have orange or yellows gobs of it sticking out....speaking from experience. Trim it up excess with a box cutter.

5. Check out where your water main shut off valve is located. Turn the handle all the way off and then back on. Check for leaks or rust. Spray a little WD40 and clean it up. Check your outdoor taps to see if they are leaking. A little white plumbers tape is good to have in your tool kit to stop leaks.

6. Check your electrical cords. Make sure they are not fraying or broken from driving off with them still attached to the block heater. Not saying i have, not saying i haven`t.

7. Clean your poor washing machine. You`d think it would clean itself.... Poor a mix of half cup of baking soda in the wash cycle and 1/4 of vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser. Did you know you can use white vinegar instead of fabric softener? Totally works!

Share your summer maintenance check list tips!


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