Home Buyers Agenda - part 1


1)   Find the right Realtor

             Buying a home is 1 of the most important decisions you will make.

              It is important to find a Realtor that has experience and knowledge of the  

              market and the community. You also want a Realtor that responds to your  

              calls and emails in a timely manner and has the time to serve your needs as  

              well as help you with related questions and concerns, such as mortgage,

              lawyer, home inspector, and home insurance to name a few.  It is important you

              feel  comfortable with your Realtor and enjoy spending time with them as

              well as all the details of  What you are looking for, When you want to move

              and Why you want to move.  Technology is a huge part of the Realtor's  

              attributes, so it is important to know if the Realtor uses an iPad and smart phone

              to access real-time data and provide you with the quickest service.  As a     

              buyer, you want to be treated as though you are important, because you are



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