Shopping for Grad with your Son

This is graduation year for my son Brett.  He will be needing to look grown up and well groomed for graduation.  His usual attire is a crumpled up T shirt and some low riding skinny pants so a suit is going to be a challenge.  I am sure he isn't the only Grade 12 boy that dresses like that.  

Our first shopping trip was after school one day.  I met Brett and his girlfriend at Moore's thinking they would have the best selection and all.  We were greeted by "Bob".  I explained why we were there and that Brett would need to see some options before we could make any decisiona.  Bob showed us a couple of suits and then put some shirt and tie combo's together.  Brett started to try on some options.  He tried on a few shirts to get an idea of what colors he likes.  At the end of the time, we told Bob thanks for your help and we would think about it and come back again to purchase.  He proceeded to tell us that no other store would let us try on That Many Shirts.  We were quite surprised by his comment.  I explained  that we would not be buying anything we didn't try on.  We were all offended by Bob's rude comment.  I was going to get my husband to buy a suit there as well because there was a sale on but after Bob's rude comment, we did not go back.

A couple of days later I convinced Brett to try another shopping adventure.  This time to the mall to see what Tip Top Tailors had.  My husband and I had been in there in January and Jeff was very helpful.  We asked if they suit up grads and he said by end of February they should have all their spring stock in. 

We walked in and Jeff was there.  He started showing Brett some suits and then asked him to pick some shirts.  Brett asked me if he should try them on.  We then told Jeff of our bad experience at Moore's and he said that Moores was good for Tip Top Tailors. Because in this town bad news travels very fast. 

After helping Brett find his suit of choice, he patiently put the rest of his outfit together, showed him how to tie a tie, hang up his suit on a hanger, buy a coursage for Kristen, and even asked if dad had any cufflinks he could borrow for grad. 

Jeff was a breath of fresh air and had a great way of connecting with the younger people without offending them.  Making jokes about the low riding pants and other things.  Brett left there in a much better frame of mind that the first trip.  So please if you have a son needing a grad outfit go see Jeff at Tip Top Tailors.  You won't be disappointed.  And your son will look great for the special occassion.

Kim Waldherr

Kim Waldherr

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