Happy snow Day!!!

Its like SNOWMAGEDDON out there! 

Well with no end to the snow in site its a snow day here at the Clark house. I'm pretty sure that everybody in their brother will be out tomorrow after being cooped up in their house's all day today.

However, there are those who did the "attempt" to go to work and those who actually did go. Like my neighbour down the road...As we stood around watching all the cars get stuck on the middle of our small street he casually mentioned his boss was making him go to work.....In Mississauga no less!  Who does that!  Have they not looked outside? Is there no worry anymore for employees safety? This one just blew my mind, but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.....I think I'd be telling my boss where to go and how to get there though....good thing I'm my own boss!

Time to get on the horn and get at least a few work items checked off my list for the day...then maybe some wine.....yes some wine......

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