Moving Tips 101



1) Get rid of things you no longer use/need before you begin to pack

If you have enough notice before you move, go through your stuff and get rid of things you no longer use/need. Use the rule that if you have not used it in more than 6 months toss it, donate it or out it on a buy and sell site on Facebook! 

2) Start packing things you don't use daily

This doesn’t work for everyone but if you can do it great. For example if you find your self not using the coffee maker because you now have a kureg etc... pack the coffee maker! Pack up extra pots & pans that arn't used. Extra bedding that you have in the closet etc.... This will create less stress as you get closer to your moving date.

3) Label your boxes

This sounds like a no brainier but rally some people still don't! Label them as to where you want the movers to put the box's. To make it more noticeable get some bright colored paper and use one color for each room. Write where it belongs on the paper and place it on the top of the box. Having the box's placed in the correct rooms as they come off the truck is much easier then trying to get a million boxes sorted out of your new family room!

4) Keep things you need for the trip/first night in the new home at your finger tips

These are things like a clean set of sheets, things to shower with, dish's and utensils etc... Label this box as such and make sure its the last box on the truck so that its the first one off the truck! If your arriving late at night at your destination this will make for a much easier and stress free first night!

5) Use things you already have to pack with and leae your clothes on the hangers

Use up things in the house before you buy boxes such as coolers, suitcases, clean garbage bags etc... Use blankets, stuffed animals & towels to pack breakables and make sure they are labeled as such. 

KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON THE HANGERS! It is WAY easier to take things that are already on the hanger to put them in the closet! Use a zip tie to keep all the hangers together and place plastic bags over your clothes and tie up the bottom. 

6) Boxes...

Go to your ocal store! Grocery, liquor, Wal-Mart etc.. are great places to get some cardboard!

7)  Have a fan, water & food available for the people that are helping you move

If you are moving in the summer try to schedule people to help either earlier in the morning or late when its not too hot. Have a fan going in the truck on a really hot day. If your moving in the winter put mats etc.. down so no one is slipping and sliding with wet boots as they come into the house

8) Desiganate people to do different things

This is really helpful if your in a condo and you have to go up and down stairs or in elevators. Have someone holding doors at the unit and and the bottom. Have one person handing out boxes from the truck and directing people where to go with the box.

9) Get a babysitter or have family watch your kids

I love my kids, however, trying to move then you have a 3 year old running around your legs if not the best use of a moving day. let alone trying to watch them with trucks etc.. around. Leave one or two boxes that are to go in their room on the main floor etc. and have them take it to there room when they get home. It makes them think they are helping with there new house and allows you to get things done a lot faster.

10) Keep the day after you arrive free

Spend as long as it takes the day after to set-up your house. It will be a rough-day  but with family and friends helping you can get it done! Living out of boxes and having them all over the house is hard and ANNOYING!

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