Advanced 3D Golf Simulation

Yesterday, despite the chilling temperatures, my friends and I were in the mood to try something out of the ordinary. Just because the temperatures have plummeted, we didn't feel that our activities should as well!

One of our group members just got back from a trip to Florida, where he has family and spends a lot of time golfing in the winter to get away from the Canadian cold. It was he who suggested the idea of screen golf at Golfzon, 7501 Woodbine Avenue, just north of Esna Park. He explained that it is an advanced 3D golf simulation experience that takes you on some world-famous golf courses.

It was a party of five and, with the exception of my snowbird friend, none of us golf nor have any of us played screen golf - but we were all intrigued and, as mentioned earlier, up for an adventure.

Most of the group members reside in the Markham and Richmond Hill area, so the establishment was a quick drive away for most of us and easy to find.

Inside, there is a bar area on one side and a line of partitioned'rooms' on the other, each with its own screen and bar table. The screens are mounted on the wall and the side of each room across from the screen is open, allowing interaction with guests in neighbouring rooms. My golfer friend set up each of the players on the game and set our skill level as beginners, which gave us a point bonus, in effect making it easier for us. You have the option to rent golf clubs or to bring your own. Also, they do have a drinks and food menu. Prior to yesterday, I had never viewed golf as a very "active" sport but was I ever wrong. We really worked up a sweat and appetite, so we had some snacks and drinks.

Over the course of two hours, we trotted across the (virtual) globe to realistic and lush golf courses. Some of us had a bit of beginner's luck at the start, but by the end, my golfer friend still beat most of us by a long shot even with the points-advantage we were given. It was surely a fun experience, and one that I will be revisiting in the near future.

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