Education System in Markham

Are you a parent concerned about just how good your child's educational system stands compared to other schools in Ontario? Markham's elementary and secondary schools have had a long-standing reputation for excellence. In fact, according to the Fraser Institute, a public database of online school rankings, 3 of the top 25 elementary schools in Ontario are in Markham - with William Berczy in Unionville being the top-ranking school. The other notable mentions are Coledale and Roy H Crosby, both in Markham, with the former ranked at 20th and the latter at 25th, out of 2695 schools across Ontario. The rankings are based on grade 3 and 6 students' academic performance in Math and English (reading and writing).

Markham's secondary schools also demonstrated strong figures. In the website's database of 718 secondary schools, 4 of the top 15 schools - Pierre Elliot Trudeau (4th), Unionville (11th), St Augustine (11th) and Bur Oak (15th) - fell within the Markham/Unionville boundaries. These rankings were based primarily on average marks for grade 9 math and the OSSLT, which is the mandatory Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test.

Grades are important, but so are extracurricular programs, as they round out a student and make the learning experience more wholesome and fun. A number of Markham schools have some unique extracurricular programs. To name a few: Unionville High School also has a prestigious arts program, including music, dance, arts and drama; William Berczy Public School has a gifted program; Bill Crothers Secondary School offers an extensive athletics program and in the admissions process, students must declare his or her most competitive sport.

So, just as any parent would want the best for his or her child's education, you owe it to yourself to at least look into what Markham's schools have to offer !

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