Good Health

With the holidays in full swing, are you already 'battling the bulge'? Or do you resolve to make positive lifestyle changes every year, only to have these hopes and aspirations fall by the wayside just weeks into the new year? If so, break the cycle of bad habit and put your health first this year.

A major component in achieving good health is engaging in physical activity, which may help to increase life expectancy and combat a number of health problems.

If you are like the majority of people who need motivation to exercise, a fitness facility may be just what you need. Peer and instructor support as well as being in an environment with others working towards a similar fitness goal may do the trick.

With a number of independent and major fitness clubs, pilates and yoga studios, and martial arts centers among other types of facilities available in Markham,  there is certainly something to suite everyone's taste.

On the other hand, if you tend to associate fitness facilities with incredible hulks and cardio queens, perhaps you are simply intimidated. There are a number of establishments that are women only, which may help to create a more comfortable environment for you. Most also offer orientation classes to help you become acquainted with equipment or small group classes to help you learn those tricky moves in a dance class, for example. Many also offer a complimentary trial pass, which would allow you to test out facilities before making a decision

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