Kids Activities

If you are looking for ways to help your kids beat the winter blues once the busy hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and parties wind down, the City of Markham and the Varley Art Gallery may have just what you need.

The City and the Varley Art Gallery offer a number of fun-filled half day, full day and extended care programs for kids of all ages. For athletic kids, there are badminton, skating, hockey, basketball and soccer camps. Kids with an appreciation for the wilderness may enjoy the treasure hunting programs, where they will learn how to use a GPS and compasses. Artistic or creative kids may take interest in fashion, beading, drawing, painting and clay classes. There is also the Stars on Broadway Day Camp, where children will learn acting, singing and dancing from a professional actor an drama instructor to put together an original musical performance.

These programs may also be a great opportunity for your child to learn new skills, develop new interests and meet new friends. Programs offered by the city mostly take place at various community centres the Varley Art Centre classes will be held at 197 Fred Varley Drive. Check out the City of Markham and the Varley Art Gallery's websites for a full list of classes.


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