Smart Commute Week

If you are shopping for a new home, the so-called “liveability” factor of a community is very important. Areas such as Markham and Richmond Hill are often ranked high on the liveability scale, which is in part a result of Smart Commute, a program by Metrolinx and the municipalities of the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area that strives to reduce traffic congestion and to improve the overall well-being of commuters by improving air quality and cutting down on the costs and time associated with travel. The program collaborates with companies to explore the various ways in which employees can travel. Smart Commute has also created a new online tool to help individuals organize carpool arrangements by match individuals with similar travel routes as well as an online savings calculator to help individuals realize the real benefits of smarter alternatives, both of which are available on their website.

The week of September 22 to 28 is Smart Commute Week, which encourages commuters to break out of their everyday routine to try a smarter commute option, such as taking public transportation, carpooling, biking or walking (if applicable).

Contact a Century 21 King’s Quay sales representative today to see first-hand just how liveable and commuter-friendly these communities are.

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