Tableau Condo by Urban Capital at Queen and Spadina

TABLEAU Condominium Suites From Mid $200s

Tableau Condos - A Condo-Collaboration of art, fashion, design, and good taste. Richmond and Peter, downtown Toronto............. whether viewed from the street or atop the CN Tower. A 36-storey tower of glass and steel, it is a building with real presence, polish and prestige. A condominium address that adds its own unique stamp to downtown living...and where you’re free to do the same.

* Exceptional suite layouts ranging from Studio to 3 bedroom designs.

* Downtown Toronto continues to be the hottest place to live, and when you enter a niche area such as trendy Queen st neighbourhood, it gets even hotter. This Boutique condominium by Urban Capital (Developer behind RiverCity, Nicholas Condos, Boutique and many more), Malibu Investments and ALIT Developments is named and designed keeping the true history of Toronto at heart...

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