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I have found recently that many Buyers are not aware that they may choose a Realtor to assist them in their search of a new home. Many will contact the agent that holds the listing of the home when it is best for them to find an agent they are comfortable with and work with that person. This works well for all involved.

1) The Buyer will become more comfortable with the agent and hopefully build a trust for that person. Most Realtors are interested in repeat clients and strive to give the best possible in order to obtain repeat and referred business. As commission sales people Realors are very concerned about maintaining and expanding their client base.

2) The agent will be loyal to their Buyer and will watch for new listings or any possible home that may be of interest to their loyal Buyer. If a Buyer is loyal to the Agent they will be more willing to go the extra mile when necessary.

3) The Agent will learn what it is the Buyer is looking for as they tour properties together even if the Buyer doesn't know themselves. A good agent will pick up on the priorities of their client through comments and even the look on their faces as they walk through the door.

4) As the agent becomes more aware of their Buyers criteria they will be able to save everyone time and energy by previewing properties and knowing which one the Buyer is more apt to be interested in.

5) The MLS system was created so that the Sellers have a larger number of possible Buyers and the Buyers have a more enjoyable and seamless experience.

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