Choosing a home

Consider what is important to you in your new home and make a list. Make sure to make your list in sequence to importance. The top of the list should be the most important criteria.

Go to your lender and get preapproved so you know your budget.

Call the realtor of your choice and make an appointment to go over your criteria and budget. On the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) system you only need to deal with one Realtor for your purchase.

Set up an appointment to go see some homes. Plan for a maximum of 7 at a time. If you look at more than 6 or 7  you may be over whelmed and may not remember much about each place. Of course if you have a restricted schedule you may have to tour more...

Write notes about what you do and don't like about each home as you view for future reference. After you have gone through some homes sometimes you will find your criteria, price range or preferred location will adjust as to your preferences. This is normal. Be sure to convey these changes to your agent.

Have your agent send you some information on homes of interest. Be sure to drive by before you go to take a look. If you don't like the location or condition it's nice not to inconvenience the inhabitants of the home. This is especially true if there are tenants.

After your tour is over review it and let your realtor know if there were any you'd like to see again or if you want to see some other homes. Maybe they weren't on the tour yet or there are new listings, different locations, different budget etc.

When you find the home that is right for you (Almost every house will have things you don't like but can be changed to suit your needs) Do not wait! Others will be looking at the same homes and may even have the same criteria and even if it's a slow market we still see multiple offers (More than one offer at a time on a property).

Your Realtor will assist you through the Buying process.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments anytime!! 


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