Is Winter the Best Time to Buy a House?

If you are considering taking the plunge and moving into a new home of your own this coming year, is now your time to make a move?

“One factor we can say with fair certainty is that most people don’t move in the winter months. So that means buyers considering a new property purchase between November and February may have the upper hand because most people prefer to move around the school year.

They like to list their homes for sale around April and May then move to a new property at some point in July or August. The basic principal is to avoid forcing children to change schools in the middle of the term.

So if you want to buy off-season when there is a certain chill in the air, you may find your ability to negotiate a great deal on a new property much easier than when you have stiff competition from other parties in the spring and summer months.”

While your purchase options may be fewer with less available on the market, the investment opportunity can be better with less people looking.

You can also use the winter months to assess the homes weather tightness, watch for winter hazards around the home, and assess the property drainage.

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