Market Timing

The terms Buyers Market and Sellers Market are bandied about quite regularly. What does it mean, a Sellers market? Well if you take the emotion out of it, it's less than 5 months of inventory. Generally a climbing (price wise) market where a seller can price above the current market and often the market 'catches up' to their price. In a market like that a Buyer has fewer options and less time to really determine value, but here's the thing, Buyers tend to jump right in. Why? Because everyone is Buying! Buyers Market typically more than 7 months of inventory, suppy and demand law says that means lower prices, usually does. Now what are the Buyers doing? Some are waiting for prices to go down further, timing the market, waiting for the bottom, truth is no one can time the market. We will know when it bottoms after it is on it's way back up. A Buyers Market is about making a value decision. This is when there is time to make that determination, prices have dropped, lending rates are low and inventory is greater than 7 months.

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