Red Resort adds 1000 acres in bounds

How about that? Red Resort has announced the development of 1000 acres of in bounds terrain. That is exciting! Great for Rossland, Trail, Montrose and Fruitvale. This year skiers will be shuttled up Grey on a new Alpina Sherpa.

The next year a Poma Quad Chair will be installed to access the 20 odd new runs on Mt. Grey. Red will have more terrain than Jackson Hole Wyoming! Visitors from around the world have enjoyed Red's terrain for years , loyalty has it's rewards! Local skiers that  have supported Red Mountain can now claim that Red ranks in the top 3% of North American Resorts for ski able terrain, and it's in our back yard!

On another note hat's off to Copcan and Gregson of Nanaimo for the fantatic job on our new streets and sidewalks. 

Still golfing at Redstone Golf, played "Glow Ball" last Friday night! What a blast, swinging in the dark, no comment on the score. Going to play this afternoon,my wife Lori will sneak out of work at Better Life Fitness and together we will take advantage of another perfect West Kootenay fall day.


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