Rossland's 116th Winter Carnival!!

What a great start to the 116th Rossland Winter Carnival! Hundreds turned out to kick off the Carnival at 02:30 this morning. Canada AM was on scene for a live broadcast to our fellow Canadians out east. The Ice bar sculptures were taking shape, real works of art.  If you don't know Rosslanders let me share this with you, my wife Lori and I got downtown at around 4am and the first person we ran into offered us Haggis and Drambui... Thanks Trish!!  The cafe's were packed and the stores were busy as the holidays. The Bobsleds were on display prior to the Sonny Samuleson Bobsled race on Spokane Street, yup, on the steep snow packed City street, some sleds hit 80K! Shout out to the City crew for all the great work they do to create the track and the Queen St. Rail Jam another snow packed steep street comlete with jumps and rails. Stop by the Ice bar get refreshed and watch the action.

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