Inspirational Qoute

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"I've learned from experience that the greater part of our
happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our

-- Martha Washington

So true, isn't it? It  seems that how you look at things makes a big difference on how you act and react.

Do the headlines give you a doom and gloom reaction or... do you see opportunity? Despite what Chickenlittle said, the sky is not falling,  never has actually.

Rossland, Warfield, Trail,Montrose, Fruitvale to Salmo all offer something a  little different and all have some very affordable properties, great ammenities, heaps of outdoor recreation, a mild climate and great people.

Silver City Days in Trail are just around the corner,  May 07- May 12 this is the 50th anniversary of the celebration, come on out and support all the people who work so hard to make this great community event happen.


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