Government Grants for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Government Grants for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

April 28, 2011

There are still ongoing provincial rebate programs which are similar to the national ecoENERGY Retrofit Program that ended March 31st of this year. There have been some indicators the ecoENERGY Retrofit Program will be resurrected, however that has not been confirmed.

To participate in these programs you must have a licensed ecoENERGY auditor perform a pre-retrofit evaluation. There is a cost for the evaluation, please discuss the evaluation costs with the service organization at the time of booking.

An energy advisor will come to your house and perform an energy evaluation, consisting of a basement to attic overall review of your home and a blower door test to measure air tightness and help locate air leakage. Your energy advisor is required to take pictures of your home and specific equipment during the pre-retrofit evaluation. You will receive a homeowner report approximately two weeks after your evaluation with a list of recommended measures, eligible grant amounts, and an energy efficiency rating specific to your home.

A post-retrofit evaluation must be completed to qualify for a grant. Book an evaluation with the same service organization that completed your initial evaluation. Make sure to call your service organization early to book a post-retrofit evaluation to ensure they can schedule your appointment prior to any deadlines.

An energy advisor will come to your house and perform a new energy evaluation, reviewing the changes you made and will retest your home using the blower door test to measure air tightness after your retrofits. You will receive a new energy efficiency rating that reflects the improvements that you made to the overall efficiency of your home.

Your energy advisor is required to take pictures of your home and specific equipment during the post-retrofit evaluation. You need to retain all of your receipts for retrofits completed and they must be available at the post-retrofit evaluation.

British Columbia: LiveSmart BC Efficiency Incentive Program

In partnership with BC Hydro and FortisBC, the Province of British Columbia is extending and improving its popular LiveSmart BC: Efficiency Incentive Program, where homeowners can receive more than $7,000 in rebates for energy saving improvements and equipment beginning on or after April 1, 2011. The program is extended for an additional two years and rebates for improvements like insulation, draft proofing and high performance windows and doors have increased by up to 700 per cent.

Homeowners must complete a follow-up Energy Assessment within 18 months of their initial Energy Assessment or before March 31, 2013, whichever comes first.

LiveSmart BC: Efficiency Incentive Program:

Alberta: Climate Change Central

All Albertans who participate in the federal government’s ecoENERGY Retrofit Program were also eligible for a provincial rebate. While the grant portion of the federal program has ended, the program infrastructure remains in place.

The Alberta provincial energy efficiency rebate program is available until March 31, 2012. Visit to find out how you can save money on your home upgrades.

Saskatchewan: EnerGuide for Houses

The Government of Saskatchewan recently announced that it will be renewing the Saskatchewan EnerGuide for Houses program. The new program will be in effect from April 1st, 2011 through October 31st, 2013.

Thinking of ways to make your home more energy efficient? The Saskatchewan EnerGuide for Houses (SEGH) program offers provincial grants for home improvements that lower energy costs, improve comfort and reduce your home’s impact on the environment. Click Here for more information


There currently is not a provincial rebate program available for residents on Manitoba, however there are various rebates you are eligible for when making upgrades to your home.

Visit the Manitoba Hydro website for more information.

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