Meet our Local Businesses - Day 3 - Featuring Trinity's Florals!!

We made it to day 3 already, this week is moving fast!  We are loving getting down and informed by what our local business owners know and love about running a business in our beautiful community!  Today we got to meet with Trinity Young, owner and operator of Trinity's Florals.  If you haven't yet stopped by Trinity's new location at 7 Convent Street (Black Spoon Cafe) in North Sydney, NS, you really should!  She has a wide arrangement of florals, plants, herbs, arrangements, and even air plants :)


Trinity recently opened up a full time storefront at the Black Spoon Cafe around 3 months ago but has been in the florist business for around 11 or 12 years!  In fact, she has quite an extrordinary beginning and history in floral design that she goes through so graciously in our questioning:

Tell us about why you started this venture:

Well, my great-grandfather opened a flower shop and greenhouses many, many years ago.  My grandparents and parents have went on to be his successors and so that makes me a 4th generation florist.  The passion for floral design is so engrained in my life that even as a young adult I tried hard to go off to Halifax and try something else, it just pulled me back and here I am! 

Tell us what it is that you offer/bring to Cape Breton:

I try my best to bring unique style and floral design that is out of the ordinary so people can really take pleasure in my designs and customize their arrangements.  I offer on location wedding floral "catering" and love to create weddings that are a unique and special experience for brides and grooms!  I also take an active approach in learning new trends through various ways including following fellow florists on social media, correspondence with different florists near and far, attending courses etc.  Also, at Christmastime, I offer decorating of Christmas trees to many people and businesses with a very hands on approach.  I feel like as a whole I offer a customized, involved, real experience for my customers and that is what I enjoy the most.

Any big plans coming up?

I just got signed as the official florist of the ECMAs of 2016!!!! I will be providing hands on floral design to both venues at Centre 200 and Membertou.  That is such an honour and will be an amazing learning experience for me and I really hope to develop and branch out my business going forward :) I'm also attending the Halifax Indie Social in the coming months and will be collaborating with other florists on that, it's really going to be a big year!

What is the most important thing you learned about runnign your own business in Cape Breton:

I learned there is a lot of loyalty here with customers in our area who seem to be happy to have some diversity and fresh ideas and even welcome them.  With my business, I am now able to reach a lot more people, express my own style, gain experience and branch out in creative ways like I always wanted to!

What are your favourite things to do or places to visit in Cape Breton when you are not busy running the business?:

I spend time with my family and we love to do many things outdoors.  We visit beaches, spend time at cabins along the Cabot Trail or sometimes just roam freely and explore Cape Breton as a whole. 

Thank you so much Trinity for your time today!  We can't wait to see how well you do at the ECMAs!

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