Meet our Local Businesses Day 10 with JoKen All Natural Skincare!

Thank you once again for visiting our blog while we spend some time highlighting our amazing local businesses on the Northside for the month of February.  We are certainly not in short supply of wonderful talented entrepreneurs here!  Today the spotlight is on Joanne Carmichael and Kendra MacMillan co-owners and operators of JoKen All Natural Skincare :) If you haven't checked out their wide array of insanely cool products, it should be next up on the to-do list ;) JoKen has been in operation since August 2015 and recently moved from operating out of their own homes to prepping a nice large room at 7 Convent Street, North Sydney, NS also known as The Black Spoon B&B/Cafe! 

Let's see what the ladies of JoKen had to say today:

Tell us about why you started this venture:

Joanne had been creating natural beauty products for around 20 years and it was the friendship between her and Kendra that evoked the products to be marketed to the public, when they decided to team up and got ready to sell their cool new creations!  The motto of JoKen is "Where Natural is Far from Boring!" They strive to create feel-good, fluffy girly products that are chemical and fragrance free and full of essential oils and other amazing natural products to baby our bodies :) They go on to say that "we wanted to start a business doing what we do by offering all natural beauty options that would appeal to all age groups, while trending away from the typical "natural" misconception. Trendy and hip for the tweens and teens, and classy, spa-quality products for the young adults and our more mature clientele".

Tell us what it is that you offer/bring to Cape Breton:

We bring an alternative from chemical laden beauty products, locally produced and distributed products, affordability, and best of all we keep money flowing in Cape Breton to support our local economy!

Any big plans coming up?:

We have a big store opening at the Black Spoon Cafe at the end of March!  We are so excited to spread our wings and offer regular availability of the products to all the customers we love and all that the new move will bring!

What is the most important thing you learned about running your own business in Cape Breton?:

We learned that consumers want diversified products, creativity, and we get a lot of local support here.  We feel it's important to stand out and offer something different, be independent of other ideas, and keep local in mind when producing our products. 

What are your favorite things to do or places to visit in Cape Breton when you are not busy running the business?:

Joanne: I love to travel to areas via ferry like North Shore, Tarbot, etc.  I also enjoy hiking and snowmobiling on days off.

Kendra: I love anything beach related and also enjoy playing golf at any of our beautiful resorts.

Thank you so much Joanne and Kendra for taking the time out of your busy moving and setting up time to speak with us about your business.  With such a large following already, you are sure to be a hit!

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