9 Popular Fall Home Maintenance Tips


Here’s a list of 9 very popular and super easy Fall home maintenance tips and projects I like to implement in my own home, to make sure I’m in a good spot when the Spring housing market rolls around next year!

fall home maintenance tips

1.Sealed & Secured 

It’s important to keep the warm air in your house from leaking out in the Winter, so use some exterior caulk that’s color matched to your home and seal up any cracks you find between trim and siding or around window and door frames. You can take a sample of your house paint or paint number to your local hardware store and they’ll match the color to the caulk you’re using to seal those cracks and gaps.

2.Winterize Outside Plumbing

Pipes that freeze during cold Minnesota winters tend to be more prone to bursting, so make sure you winterize all outside plumbing systems! Start by disconnecting all outside water attachments. Then, make sure to drain all the water from any outside plumbing and turn off the supply valve that supplies water to any exterior plumbing. Lastly, you’ll want to cover any outside spigots with an insulating material or cover that can be found at your local hardware store.

3.Turn Up The Heat

It sneaks up on us every year here in Minnesota, so make sure to have your furnace inspected and “tuned-up”, if needed, before Winter arrives!fall home maintenance tips There’s nothing worse than your furnace going out on you when it’s -15 below outside so be proactive and take care of any potential issues in August or September and you’ll be ready for Old Man Winter this year.

4.A Change Of Direction

Many people forget about this one, but ceiling fans actually help regulate indoor air temperature very effectively in the Winter months. Make sure you switch all ceiling fans to a counterclockwise direction in the Winter. That direction creates what is called an updraft and helps to disperse warm air, back down from the ceiling, into the rest of the house.

5.Gutters, Gutters and More Gutters

This is one that you should save for last, as you’ll want to make sure all or most of the leaves have fallen. Clogged gutters are one of the number one causes of ice dams and can cause very expensive damages! If you clean your gutters too early, then they’ll just fill back up with leaves and debris so wait as long as possible before cleaning them of all leaves and debris. I’ve found that a leaf blower works really well; when the leaves/debris are still dry.

fall home maintenance tips

6.Clean The Carpets

It’s a good idea to clean the carpets in your home at least once a year. Fall is a great time to tackle that project because the kids a likely back in school, now, which will make moving furniture around much easier. (Extra tip: Now is an ideal time to try rearranging the furniture in your home for a fresh look!) It’s important to give your carpets an adequate amount of drying time before you start using them. The other reason I like doing this in the Fall is because you’ll be spending a lot more time in the house during the Winter months breathing in all the dirt, pet dander, dust etc. that gets trapped in your carpet throughout the year.

7.Seal The Driveway fall home maintenance tips


As we all know, Winter here in Minnesota can be brutal! Under all the snow and salt and ice melt, asphalt and concrete driveways that are not properly sealed can really suffer the wrath of old man winter. Small cracks can quickly become large ones if not properly sealed every few years. Fall is a great time to paint or seal your driveway with a commercial sealer. Do this every few years and your driveway will thank you!

8.Plant New Grass

Fall is actually one of the best times to plant new grass or sod! Aside from the Spring season, cooler temperatures in the Fall make it an ideal time for new grass to grow up strong and healthy. The sometimes hotter temperatures and dry conditions of the Summer months can make growing new grass very difficult. The other nice thing about planting in the early Fall, before the snow flies, is that once there is a bed of snow down that will protect and nurture the younger grass all winter long. Then, next Spring your lawn will look great!

fall home maintenance tips

9.Freshen Up The Interior

Many of us struggle with the “winter blues” as we transition from Fall into Winter and the shorter, colder days. Beat those blues by picking a room or two in your home and painting them a nice uplifting color! Besides making you feel better all around, you’ll also boost your home value while you’re at it. (Just don’t make the color/s too crazy!) Rearranging the furniture in your living room works in tandem with painting too, and will help get you through those cold winter days.

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