Well, it's finally time...

2012 is a year for new beginnings, right?  Or apocalypse...  I choose new beginnings!  So, after years of Leslee looking after blogging for the both of us, I am doing it on my own!  That's right!!  I do have to admit, she is WAY more computer savvy than I, but you have to start somewhere, right?  So please bare with me as I learn the ins and outs to blogging, and I totally welcome your feedback, advice, comments...

I have recently (again) become a home owner!  I had been renting for a few years in the west end of Edmonton- Westmount, and McQueen to be exact.  And I absolutely loved it!  I was convinced that was where I was to stay and put my roots down...  Until I found the house with the right amount of renovations I was comfortable to do in St. Albert!  I lived my teen years in St. Albert, and some early adult years, and thought I wouldn't be back...  It's funny what effects your buying decisions (you would think I would know that by now)!!

Anyways, that brings me to where I am today...  Doing renovations!  I have come across a super amazing website called houzz.com  with thousands of images of beautiful rooms, designs, furniture, you name it! I'm imaginining my bathroom will one day look like something from this website:

SO!!  Welcome to my shiny new blog!  I will keep you posted with Real Estate Stats in the Edmonton area, and hopefully some interesting, useful tips along the way!


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