Kristina Selby-Brown

Kristina Selby-Brown

CENTURY 21 Lanthorn Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage*
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  • 44 Industrial Boulevard
    Napanee, ON K7R 4B7
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Below are answers to commonly asked questions my prospective clients ask me:

Will you return my calls?

You know it! There are only a few reasons that it may take me a few hours: 1) I’m watching  my son at his sports, 2) I’m driving, 3) I’m with a client showing homes, negotiating an offer or listing their home, cottage, business or vacant land and last but not least, 4) I’m preparing supper or eating supper with my family. Your best bet of getting in touch with me sooner than later, is by text: 613-305-2900.

Can you get my house sold?

Well I certainly hope so! I’m a savvy, creative marketer and I know my stuff. I’ve listed and sold houses within 48 hours. I’ve sold homes that were listed for six+ months with other agents and my tenacious marketing efforts had them sold within a month or two. On the flip side of that shiny coin, there’s a tarnished side. I’ve had houses listed for two years, regardless of my tireless marketing efforts. Some reasons why those houses took so long to sell were:

1) Condition and/or

2) The Seller was unwilling to complete necessary repairs or updates and/or

3) The location wasn’t optimal and/or

4) The house was overpriced. Being overpriced, in my opinion is one of the most common reasons why a home doesn’t sell in a shorter period of time. But trusting that I am the professional in real estate who knows her stuff, stays up to date on current markets and would never lead you astray while establishing fair market value will ensure that we do not overprice your listing.

Are you experienced?

You bet I am! Not only am I experienced, but I’ve raised three sons AND I’m a Real Estate Sales Professional, so there’s not much that intimidates me. I’ve been told I’m no shrinking violet. My strong suits are:

  1. I am a good listener

  2. I work hard and I mean REALLY hard. You’ll probably be shocked at how diligently I work for you… most of my clients are.

  3. I am passionate about marketing. I’m creative and efficient and I will expose your property to the public as if it were the royal baby.

  4. I know people. You need assistance with finding a reliable professional painter, cleaner, contractor, surveyor, appraiser, electrician, well, septic, mortgage broker, inspector, lawyer, TSSA, HVAC or window guy (or woman… but “HVAC Guy” just seems to flow better)? Just ask. I’ll even call them for you and give them a heads up that you’ll be contacting them.

  5. I’m a negotiator… just ask my 21, 20 and 8 year old sons. I’m reasonable and fair, yet tough. I will always keep YOUR best interest at heart… ALWAYS.

  6. I know my stuff. I’ve been on countless home inspections, I have undergone extensive renovations within my own home, I stay up to date on current market and mortgage trends and I accomplished a heck of a lot of schooling to get here.

  7. I’m forthright and candid, but I still mind my manners.

  8. I've sold and listed a lot of houses... like, a LOT.

    I kind of feel like I’m tooting my own horn here…. You don’t have to take my word for it; call me and find out for yourself if I’m as good as I say I am.


    Warmest regards,

    Kristina Selby-Brown, Proud REALTOR® and Real Estate Sales Professional with CENTURY 21 Lanthorn Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage.

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Is it a dream of yours, to own a home? Watch this video for some inspiration.

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I Sell Homes; What's your Superpower?

QUEEN STREET, Listing in Marlbank Produced by Kristina

FLEET STREET Listing in Kingston - Produced by Kristina

201 Simmons Road, Promotional Video, Produced by Kristina

11 North Street, Odessa. Virtual Tour Produced by Kristina

5518 County Road 9 Promotional Video Produced by Kristina

Kristina LOVES Hay Bay! It's where she chooses to live. Check out her promotional video to get a glimpse of what it's like to live on, "The Bay". All photography and video have been shot by Kristina.

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Do you know the tune to Johnny Cash's, "I've Been Everywhere"? Then this one's for you!

My theme song is Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere"... only I've changed the words to:

I was crusin' in my car along a snowy North Fredericksburgh road,
When along came a client with a need to buy a home.
"If you're sellin' in Carrying Place, Kris, with me you’ll be hired."
And so we signed the paperwork and then I settled down to ride.
He asked me if I'd seen a house with acres of workable land.
And I said, "Listen, I've traveled every road in this here land!"

I love real estate, man.
I've sold everywhere, man.
Crossed Eastern Ontario, man.
I've breathed the lake air in, man.
Of travel I've had my share, man.
I've sold everywhere.

I've looked in:
Plevna, Wellington, Picton, Napanee,
Odessa, Battersea, Belleville, Northumberland,
Frontenac, Renfrew, Ottawa, Peterborough,
Arnprior, Centreville, Marmora, Sophiasburgh,
Bloomfield, Egansville, Foxboro, Deseronto,
Demorestville, Gananoque, and Kingston, I'm a keener.

I love real estate, man.
I've sold everywhere, man.
Crossed eastern Ontario, man.
I've breathed the lake air in, man.
Of travel I've had my share, man.
I've sold everywhere.