Kristina Selby-Brown

Kristina Selby-Brown

CENTURY 21 Lanthorn Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage*
  • 613-305-2900
  • 613-354-4347
  • 613-354-4347
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  • 44 Industrial Boulevard
    Napanee, ON K7R 4B7
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This Gal's Got Hustle! Check out Kristina's Bio

What Can YOU Expect from Me If You’re A Selling Client: My Pledges to YOU

1. I pledge to use my current and relevant knowledge of market trends to assist you with coming up with an accurate and reasonable listing    price. A suitable listing price is one of several factors that will get your property SOLD.


2. I pledge to creatively and effectively expose your property to the Buyer’s Market. I’m fanatical about marketing and know my stuff. I’ve got years of marketing experience under my belt. Strategize, implement and control is my motto.


3. I pledge to keep you in the loop… I won’t leave you wondering what’s going on with the sale of your property. I’m big on follow-up.


4.  I pledge to listen to your needs… I’m a mum to three sons… I’ve got this.



What Can YOU Expect from Me If You’re A Buying Client: My Pledges to YOU


1.  I pledge to ALWAYS have your best interest at heart. I proudly adhere to a strict Code of Ethics (REBBA 2002).


  1. I pledge to listen to your needs and wants regarding price, property style and availability to view properties.


  1. I pledge to provide you with referrals to professionals in various industries to assist you in the purchase of a property. I’ve got oodles of trusted contacts in the septic, contractor, home inspection, septic, well, cleaning, window, painting, WETT, TSSA, HVAC, etc., business. Simply put; I’ve got you covered.


  1. And last, but not least, I pledge to work hard… and I mean, really hard to assist you in finding the perfect property for you.


Best regards,

Kristina Selby-Brown, REALTOR®, Real Estate Sales Professional 

CENTURY 21 Lanthorn Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage

44 Industrial Blvd., Napanee, Ont

Text/Talk: 613-305-2900

Masters Silver® Award Winner, 2016



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Super Agent, Super Qualified

Is it a dream of yours, to own a home? Watch this video for some inspiration.

1628 CENTREVILLE ROAD - She's a beaut!

Hey, First Time Home Buyers! This One's for You!

I Sell Homes; What's your Superpower?

Steps That Need To Be Taken To Help YOU Own Your First Home

55 Tessa Blvd., Belleville

6 West Street, Enterprise.

9 Durham Street,Newburgh, Virtual Tour Produced by Kristina

201 Simmons Road, Promotional Video, Produced by Kristina

5518 County Road 9 Promotional Video Produced by Kristina

Kristina LOVES Hay Bay! It's where she chooses to live. Check out her promotional video to get a glimpse of what it's like to live on, "The Bay". All photography and video have been shot by Kristina.


* CENTURY 21 Awards Criteria
  • 2017 - Masters Silver
  • 2016 - Masters Silver
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Contact Me

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Do you know the tune to Johnny Cash's, "I've Been Everywhere"? Then this one's for you!

My theme song is Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere"... only I've changed the words to:

I was crusin' in my car along a snowy North Fredericksburgh road,
When along came a client with a need to buy a home.
"If you're sellin' in Carrying Place, Kris, with me you’ll be hired."
And so we signed the paperwork and then I settled down to ride.
He asked me if I'd seen a house with acres of workable land.
And I said, "Listen, I've traveled every road in this here land!"

I love real estate, man.
I've sold everywhere, man.
Crossed Eastern Ontario, man.
I've breathed the lake air in, man.
Of travel I've had my share, man.
I've sold everywhere.

I've looked in:
Plevna, Wellington, Picton, Napanee,
Odessa, Battersea, Belleville, Northumberland,
Frontenac, Renfrew, Ottawa, Peterborough,
Arnprior, Centreville, Marmora, Sophiasburgh,
Bloomfield, Egansville, Foxboro, Deseronto,
Demorestville, Gananoque, and Kingston, I'm a keener.

I love real estate, man.
I've sold everywhere, man.
Crossed eastern Ontario, man.
I've breathed the lake air in, man.
Of travel I've had my share, man.
I've sold everywhere.