Third Town Talk, Issue #3: Unexpected Discoveries on our Property


Third Town Talk

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   Issue #3                                                                                                                                                                              July, 2015

Hello again, Neighbours! Welcome to the third issue of Third Town Talk; an informative history newsletter exclusively written for North Shore and Gretna residents. Enough of the small talk and onto the third talk; the following is accredited to D.B. in Gretna. Thank you for giving me the idea to write about unexpected discoveries. Since moving to the north shore six years ago, I have discovered all sorts of interesting objects on our property. My family and I are adventerous, most likely because our seven year old brings out the wanderlust in us. We thoroughly enjoy filling our backpacks with hand shovels, gloves and a juice box or two and trekking back onto our acreage in search of… something. To date we have found many charming jars with their glass lids still in tact dating from the late 1800’s – 1940’s, a dilapidated cart and wagon wheel, a huge farm implement that looks both lethal and incredibly aged and a uncommon, mid-1800’s large canning jar believed to be from the Excelsior Glass Company. We think the company was in operation for a mere three years in Lower Canada (Quebec). I have visualized the journey of that jar, probably full of nourishment, thus being well safeguarded during the trip from Quebec to North Fredericksburgh. I am pleased it ended up buried in my backyard.  I have learned that several of our neighbours have discovered monuments that appear to be so aged, their inscriptions are barely legible. There is an old farmhouse on County Rd 9 that has monuments. One or all of the Huffman men (1800’s), Adam, Conrad and/or Jacob built the grand home I am referring to and they also built the causeway which allows access to Hare Island, just east of Fitchett Road (Hare Island is private property). Another neighbour discovered that a small cemetery is potentially on her property. Fortunately, this neighbour isn’t easily rattled and doesn’t seem to mind too much.

If YOU have found any interesting or historical artifacts on your property, I would enjoy hearing about it and would like to include your findings in a future issue. Feel free to contact me by phone, email, text, or arrange for a neighbourly visit. The next issue is about the signs on North Fredericksburgh; what do they mean? What is “Gretna” and why is there an “end date” on the North Fredericksburgh sign? I’m going to find out and I will let you all know my findings in the fall. Thanks Dave for the suggestion to research about signs! If there is anything you believe to be research worthy, let me know and I will incorporate your idea into an edition of Third Town Talk.

Respectful & neighbourly regards,

Kristina Selby-Brown

Our Excelsior Glass Company canning jar circa 1870’s




























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