Third Town Talk, Issue 4, November 2015: Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign!

Issue #4                                                                                                                        NOVEMBER, 2015


Third Town Talk

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Hello again, Neighbours! Welcome to the fourth issue of Third Town Talk; an informative history newsletter exclusively written for North Shore and Gretna residents. Enough of the small talk and onto the third talk: The following is accredited to Dave on County Rd. 9. Thank you for giving me the idea to write about North Fred’s signs and their meaning. What or who is “Gretna”? Why is there an end-date on the North Fredericksburgh sign? Who was Fredericksburgh named after? And why, if you were ever to look at a land survey of your own property, would your property be in Fredericksburgh Additional or Fredericksburgh Original? The early settlers sometimes called Third Town the Township of Frederick, named after Augustus Frederick, the Duke of Sussex, ninth child of King George III. How Fredericksburgh came to be settled is of utmost importance to how the township was named.

I learned that originally, the initial plan to survey Third Town did not meet the promise given to a group of disbanded soldiers that they would be located in a location all to themselves. Hence, the township was enlarged by 13 lots (Taken from Adolphustown). The  portion of Third Town, included in the land first surveyed, received the name of Fredericksburgh Original, and the land promised to the disbanded soldiers was named Fredericksburgh Additional. In researching how Gretna got its name, I  discovered that  it was actually named Gretna by accident! Up until 1864, Gretna  had no name. It simply was just part of North Fredericksburgh. But when a post office opened there in 1864, Postmaster William J. Mellow received postmark hammers with the name “Gretna”, intended for another post office which never opened. Postmaster Mellow was a man of many hats. He was also a skilled carpenter and when he donated land on the south side of the road for a Methodist Church to be built, he was responsible for most of the interior work. That church subsequently was demolished in the 1960’s.

And as far as the end date on the North Fredericksburgh sign is concerned, it is there as a result of the Town of Napanee’s amalgamation of the Townships of Richmond, North Fredericksburgh, South Fredericksburgh and Adolphustown in 1998 when Napanee became Town of Greater Napanee. Although, North Fredericksburgh will always be affectionately known to me as “North Fred”.

If YOU would like to view or purchase a copy of your land’s survey, visit the Registry Office in Napanee, located at 2-7 Snow Rd Tel: 613-354-3751. And if you’ve missed previous copies of Third Town Talk and would like to obtain a copy, feel free to contact me by phone, email, text, or arrange for a neighbourly visit. The next issue is about the somewhat hostile division which occurred between North and South Fredericksburgh. I’m going to find out why North Fred wanted the division and how it transpired and I will let you all know my findings in February.

Thanks again Dave for the suggestion to research about signs and their meanings! If there is anything YOU believe to be research worthy, let me know and I will incorporate your idea into an edition of Third Town Talk. Stay safe and warm this winter!

Respectful & neighbourly regards,



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