Why Giving a Newly-Licensed REALTOR a Shot, is a GREAT Idea:


 I have read that research suggests that many people prefer to hire an agent with at least five years experience... well here is what I say to that: While experience can be chalked up to knowledge, consider this;

1) many new Real Estate Salespersons may have a mentor to assist them every step of the way, so that mistakes are not made. I was lucky enough to be mentored by the Broker of Record/Owner. Although not all brokerages have a mentoring program, I chose a brokerage that did;

2) many REALTORS® got into the business because it was a natural progression from what they were previously doing. For example, my entire professional background is in sales and marketing... not in the housing market, but in a market nonetheless. Real Estate Salesperson’s are required to complete an 18 month program of study and receive a passing grade of 75% on each of the three hour exams. After the program is completed, another three courses are required to be completed over the course of two years. Additionally, there is mandatory ongoing professional development throughout the duration of a REALTORS® career. So while not all REALTORS® are equipped with exceptional marketing skills and an ability to provide optimum customer service, they should be keeping up to date with the real estate market, regardless if they’ve been licensed for six months or 35 years;

and finally 3) a new REALTOR® is brave, has a fresh perspective on the market and a general untarnished outlook on real estate as a whole. And because they are newer to the industry, they will probably bend over backwards to get the job done for you. When discussing with clients what their biggest complaint is about their experience with past REALTORS® who have listed their house, almost unanimously across the board, it’s that they rarely heard from the REALTOR® after the listing process was complete; unless it was to check-in for a price reduction. Imagine having a REALTOR® who follows up with you? Keeps you in the loop regarding every marketing avenue they have pursued in an effort to bring you a buyer? It is my opinion that a new REALTOR® would do just that because YOUR business is important, sought-after and a new salesperson’s largest mountain to climb in the beginning of their career is earning clients.

So the next time you categorize a newer REALTOR® as not being experienced, think again; there is probably a new agent with a fresh perspective, the will & strong desire to assist you and a loyalty reserved just for you.

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