More Photos of 9 Cedar Circle, Lakehurst

I have had the pleasure of listing a wonderful property in the lakehurst area.  In fact it is in the Buckhorn Lakes Estates Community.  If you happened upon this post as a result of viewing the property information on my website, then you are here to see more photos of the property.  If you came upon this post through other avenues, then be sure to visit to discover more about what this property has to offer.

In these parts we enjoy the 4 seasons Mother Nature has provided us.  Meaning our landscapes change several times throughout the year.  The end of November has passed the period where the amazing colours of the leaves beautifuly frame and create stunning backdrops to our homes, and we now approach the time where snow blankets the land creating entirely new imagages and perspectives.  At times a sense of calm or peacefullness.

Most often we showcase a listed property with "to-date" photos, portraying  the image of "now".  However in some instances we are provided a glimps of the other seasons.  I would like to share with you a 'glimps' of the rest of the seasons in the year that can be seen at 9 Cedar Circle.  The pictures below have been provided by the owner and provides a "snap shot" of some of the enjoyment that can be found just within the property itself.

The next time you are looking out your window or wandering around your own property and you see something of interest or beauty, and you think it might be worth capturing, take a peak at it through the lense of your camera and snap a few shots.  Especially if listing your home in the next to near future might be a consideration.  Even if it isn't, why not get out and enjoy and capture what you have; for memories of now to be enjoyed in the future.

When I list your home there is always time set aside for professional style photos to be taken of your home, but your pictures from throughout the year can help me explain to potential Buyers how the rest of the year might appear.










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