8 Creative Ways to Add Colour to Your Home

With the (often) gloomy, dreary, chilly and dark days of winter upon us, who doesn’t want a little more colour to brighten up their homes and lives?!!

Below are 8 fun & creative ways to add a pop of colour inside (or outside) your home!

1. Accessorize

Accessories are probably the easiest was to add colour (without paint) to your home. Think of throw pillows, vases, picture frames and coloured kitchen accessories or dishes. The great thing about accessorizing is that it can be easily changed. When you are bored of one colour or pattern, move onto another!

2. Paint your Front Door

An great way to add interest and curb appeal to your home is to paint your front door. A freshly painted front door often suggests that your home is well kept. It’s a relatively low cost “fix” that can have a huge impact! Try choosing a bold colour that complements the siding and trim on your home!

3. Frame Wallpaper

Find some wallpaper that you love, a frame, canvas or board to mount in on and “frame” wallpaper to use as art and add an instant pop of colour in any space! Much less fuss, clean up and cost than wallpapering an entire room!

4. Add Art to Any Room

Hanging art on your walls will not only give your walls an instant pop of color, but the paintings will add another layer of texture and dimension to your room, and nothing is as reflective of one’s style as the art in one’s home.

5. Create Beautiful Bookshelves

Quickly add colour and interest to any “boring” bookshelf by either painting the back or adding wallpaper to the back to drastically change the look and feel!

6. Repaint or Recover Vintage Furniture

Painting vintage furniture is a perfect way to add new life to something old. Really, there is nothing that can’t be painted anymore! An older sofa or loveseat that may have faded, earned a few stains or seen better days but it still structurally sound can benefit from a new slipcover. Recovering or repainting a piece of furniture is a simple way to add a pop of color to your space.

7. Add Colour to Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens don’t need to have white, dark or wood cabinets, though this is what we most often see. Kitchen cabinets can easily be repainted and can provide the perfect vehicle to adding color to your room. Whether bold or more subdued, your kitchen cabinets can be painted any color.

8. Paint the Ceiling

Add an unexpected splash of color to your room by painting your ceiling.  Adding color to your ceiling will add a lively touch to your style and will change the look and feel of your space.

Perhaps the easiest and most versatile means of adding a touch of color to your space, is simply the addition of bright, colorful flowers. Whether an ornate arrangement or a simple grouping, flowers can instantly transform your space. And what’s even better, you can change your flower colors on a regular basis and according to the seasons!

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