Tips on Selling your home this Fall!

Ways to Make Your Home Stand Out in the Fall

 Fall is a great time of year to sell your home.  For many people the Fall season  is one of their favorite times of the year due to the crisp air and the colorful changes of the leaves on the trees. For these reasons, Fall is a time of year not to disregard when deciding whether to sell. Keep reading to see how you can sell your home in the fall with these great tips!

Keep The Exterior Clean

No matter what season you are selling a home, curb appeal is very important. One of the challenges you will face during the fall is the die-off of various plants you have around your house. Some will be going into hibernation and some will fully die-off. Either way, this will leave a bit of a mess on your property that needs to be cleaned up if you want to attract buyers.The exterior is the first thing people see when coming to look at a property.

Depending on what time you are selling, your landscape may be producing a noticeable amount of dead and decaying plant matter.This includes leaves that fall from the trees, flowers that die in the first cold snap and any other plants to noticeably wither as the year advances. You need to clean all of this up and discard it before you show the house.This is an ongoing process, so stay on top of it to keep your house looking good and avoid having it associated with decay. Buyers still want to be able to see your lawn and if it is completely covered with leaves this will not be possible.

Embrace The Fall Selling Season

  There are certain advantages to selling during the fall. People have quite a few holidays to look forward to, including Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas come wintertime. Depending on the exact time you are showing your house, you can take advantage of the associations buyers have with these special dates.

Keep your decorations and the general feel of your house in tune with the holiday that is coming up. Just like businesses and retail stores do, you can invoke the feel of the holiday for your potential buyers. They can then see themselves and their families enjoying the same holidays in your home.

Of course it is possible to overdo this. You don’t want to seem ridiculous. However, everyone can appreciate silly monsters for Halloween and the smell of fresh-baked pies on Thanksgiving.

Price Accordingly

One of the most important tips to sell your home is to price it properly!  A home needs to be priced to compete in the current market, whatever that happens to be at the time.

The last thing you want to do is price your home too high.  Putting your home up at a noticeably higher price than similar homes is a sure way to push away buyers, it really makes sense to be smart about the right asking price for your home.

Make Sure The House is Ready

 Your Realtor will look over the house and give you a list of options for repairs or improvements you can make. Work with your agent to decide which ones are most important and get them done. Buyers will appreciate things like energy efficiency, good insulation and new flooring, especially when the weather is cooler. Buyers want a great house to move into – something you can create with a few repairs and renovations.It is also worth considering that fixer-uppers are less appealing when the weather is cold. Offer a complete package from the outset and you may have better luck pulling in buyers.

Keep in mind that in the fall selling season the days get shorter as far as natural light goes. There will be plenty of buyers who will want to look at homes when they get out of work. Often times when buyers want to take a look it will have already have become dark outside.

A smart fall home selling tip to follow will be leaving adequate lighting on in your home. Presentation is everything when selling real estate so you don’t want a buyer walking into an unlit dark home. Turn on an abundance of lights both inside and out. Make sure your walkways and any exterior entertainment areas are well lit.

These are all smart tips to sell a home in the fall. Follow these suggestions and you will be primed to get your property under contract before the winter selling season arrives!

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