Things to Think Through When Choosing Flooring

Flooring is a big deal in a house.  Not only is it a significant purchase, but it is a longer term investment too.  Most people don’t replace their flooring very often so you want to try and find something that will evolve with your style.

Here are the options you should consider when choosing flooring.

1.  Does it hide dirt well?

Going for a high shine finish looks gorgeous if you want to wash it everyday.  But I tend to go towards a matte finish with lots of grain because I don’t enjoy mopping.  So think through your cleaning tendencies and make sure you have flooring that matches that.

2.  Will it hold up?

Real hardwoods are beautiful and you have the option of always refinishing them if they get scratches in them.  But with small kids, lots of traffic and animals we felt like a laminate surface would be best. 

3.  Resale value?

Does your neighborhood demand hardwood floors to sell the house?  Will you get that investment back?  This is definitely something to think through when you choose flooring.  I also don’t want to be installing granite countertops and hardwoods and be the only person in my neighborhood to do that.  While it probably will sell fast, most likely, being at the top of the market in your neighborhood doesn’t pay off.

4.  What do you want?

Hey throw number 3 out of the window if it is something you can afford and you want!  You definitely want to get what you want.  So if that means you are the only one in your neighborhood with hardwood floors and granite but you plan on living in it long term and will enjoy it for years then go for it!

5.  Easy to upkeep?

Always make sure to look into the recommend way to clean whatever flooring surface you purchase.  Do you need special chemicals to keep it shiny?  Are you willing to make the effort to keep it looking nice?  These are some things I think about when choosing flooring.

January 3, 2017 By Infarrantly Creative



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