Top 10 Home Staging Tips

Each of us wants to show our home in its best light. We want guests to be wowed by it and prospective buyers to choose it out of all the homes they tour. Luckily, a few simple steps can help move your abode to the top of the list.  According to  Moneysense Magazine, home staging can bring in six per cent above a home’s asking price.

1. Curb Appeal
Statistics say potential buyers will make up their minds about your home within the first 30 seconds. Part of these first moments is spent on your curb appeal. From the driveway to the front door, your home’s personality should shine. Keep your exterior maintained and upkeep the landscaping.  Complementary lighting and a cosy porch chair can make a big difference on those first 30 seconds.

2. First Impression
The entry to your home is the first impression of what’s inside. Help this space make a statement by keeping it clear. Add conveniences like coat hooks and a bench so visitors can take a load off while removing their shoes.

3. Depersonalize
Prospective buyers want to be able to easily picture themselves in your house.  If it looks too much like your place, with family photos on the mantel and your kid’s finger paintings on the fridge and walls, buyers will have a hard time taking you out of the picture.

4. Neutralize
Your red dining room and lime green bathroom might be inspiring for you but a bit overwhelming for others. Create a clean canvas by painting your walls in  neutral shades. Add colour with throw pillows and striking art rather than paint.

35. Declutter    
Pare down your stuff. Store away all excess décor items and leave out only one or two items per surface. Put away shoes, remotes and extra appliances like toasters and coffee makers. The more “house” potential buyers can see, the more likely they are to see its potential.

6. Added Touch
Baking cookies before an open house and displaying them for buyers on a platter creates a homey smell and feel and adds intriguing warmth. Adding fresh-cut flowers throughout the home creates a lived-in, yet clean and fresh vibe to a space. While candles add a romantic atmosphere and soft, forgiving light to the rooms of your home. Subtle, relaxing music playing in the background is another great idea for making your home a relaxing experience.

7. Highlight Unique Features
If you have an exposed brick wall, a stone fireplace of beautiful masonry or historic features, highlight them by removing clutter and drawing attention with lighting, art or fresh flowers. Make sure the features that set your house apart get noticed.

8. Notice Sightlines
Take a stroll around your home and pay attention to what you see. Look down the hall and take note of what you can see though the doorways of each room. Make sure what you can see is pleasing to the eye. Add a throw to the end of the spare bed. Place a reading chair under the lamp in the corner of the master bedroom. These little details will make a big difference as buyers move through your home.

9. Repair
Make sure any chips, scrapes, dents and stains are fixed before showing your home. No one wants to buy into a pile of work.  In addition, any half-accomplished projects should be completed before listing your home for a polished, finished interior and exterior.

10. Room Function
Give every room a reason. If the spare room has been acting as your home office for the past few years, convert it back. An extra bedroom will be more valuable in the end. The same goes for your dining room. You may never use it, but setting the table helps visitors picture themselves having Sunday meals there.

A little preparation can go a long way when staging your home to sell. With a little effort here and there, you may even reduce the amount of time the house sits on the market before it strikes the right cord.

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