How to surf the wave of deals on Cyber Monday

Be sure to mark December 2, 2013 in your calendar – the day when the internet bursts with the most irresistible deals. Starting in the U.S. back in 2005, Cyber Monday has increased in popularity north of the border and follows the beloved shopping holiday known as Black Friday.

This annual online shopping extravaganza is arguably more appealing than Black Friday, mostly because deal-finders can browse the web from the comfort of their home – including in their PJs – and steer clear of busy traffic, limited parking spots and those famous early morning line-ups outside the store.

But if you do plan to join millions of others on December 2 as they pile items into their online shopping carts, then be sure to make preparations for your cyber shopping adventure. Timothy Leslie, a TechXpert with Rogers Communications offers the following tips to help you navigate the net this Cyber Monday:

Draft a wish-list:

Establish what your priority purchases will be so that you're focused on the must-have items, so that you are not swayed by all the other tempting deals

Shop securely:

Nobody likes being scammed. If you have stumbled across an incredible deal, it can be easy to lose sight of the source of the bargain. Make sure you're dealing with a legitimate retailer, if you're not sure, check online forums to see customer comments about their experiences

Get a TechXpert tuneup:

Make sure your computer is working in top shopping shape, including the fastest speeds possible. At Rogers, a TechXpert agent is your go-to technology specialist who is available by online chat or phone on a 24/7 basis. They can remote into your computer to clear it of those harmful surprise viruses. Block phishing sites and protect against online fraud with services such as Rogers online protection premium

Join the secret society of shoppers:

You can uncover many less-known deals through your social networks. Follow hashtags from brands on Facebook and Twitter to discover hot off the press promotions.

Keep these tips in mind before you boot up your computer this Cyber Monday and you'll be sure to snag some great deals for your loved ones.

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